Television, Radio, Internet has a different perspective from an Afro-Centric point of view that is not afraid to address controversial issues, subjects deemed taboo, address topics specifically impacting the African community in the diaspora and abroad and the mindset that plaques so many so-called African Americans or INDIGENOUS people’s community. Brutha Dawah tackles these subjects and more head on.

He has had several powerful Indigenous males and females on the show including Princess Zyndaba Nyirenda the 6th generation granddaughter of Shaka Zulu, Dr Umar Abdullah Johnson, Brutha J from X Clan, Sara Suten Seti, Shaka Sankofa, Dr Bruce Bridges, Congressman Danny Davis, The National Solidarity Committee, Elder Naquan, and even white nationalist Matthew Heimbach.

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The Dawah Yisrael Foundation was founded by Brutha Dawah in Febuary of 2012 with the vision of opening up a trade school/school for accelerated African Centered Curriculum. This school will if YAH is willing will be headquartered on the land in which Nat Turner lived, triumphed, and made his transition, in the land of Drewyville VA on 127 acres. Students curriculum will be centered around a personal evaluation of their own innate talents. Each student will be thoroughly interviewed and evaluated by spiritual elders in the community in which will build on this land as well.

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